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  • Monofocal
  • Progresivas

  • Polycarbonate
  • Lens Trivex

  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes, and water resistant

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Prescription Glass STY 05-17 White

The price includes mount + 2 lenses graduated with the treatments chosen by the client.

Direct graduation on the mount.

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Data sheet

Nasal bridge RegulableYes
GraduateYes, directly.
SportsCycling, running, paddle tennis, golf
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes

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The Styrpe Sty 05 graduated are the ideal complement for athletes with a small face who suffer from some vision problem.

Now improve your vision and with it your performance is possible.

Direct graduation system, the unregulated orignal lens is replaced by a lens of the same dimensions and shape, graduated with the treatments chosen by the client.

What are the advantages ? :

     Wide field of vision.
     Better aesthetics
     Adaptation guarantee.
     Performance improvement.

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