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    Prescription optical clip sty 07

    The price includes the frame + optical clip graduated with the treatments chosen by the client.

    Price for graduations between +/- 4.00 diopters of sphere and -2.00 of cylinder.

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    Data sheet

    Nasal bridge RegulableYes
    GraduateYes, with Optical Clip.
    Termination of Adjustable RodsYes

    Detalles desplegar informacion

    The model STY 07 was born for those who love sports that need a high degree of demand.

    Ideal for lovers of cycling, triathlon and trail running, it has a screen type lens mounted on the air, which allows us to have a complete field of vision. Thanks to its ultralight frame and its adjustable nose bridge, we have a perfect fit so that the spectacle does not move at any time.

    The STY has the latest lens technology incorporating anti-fog treatment to combat fogging and hydrophobic treatment so that sweat and water do not stick to the lens. Second pair of transparent gift lenses.

         Adjustable nasal bridge.
         Panoramic lenses type screen.
         Fatigue reduction.
         Anti-fog and hydrophobic treatment.
         Second pair of transparent gift lenses.
         100% protection against UV rays.