Sport Sunglasses Rudy Project Sintryk Polarized

New model of Rudy Project.

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Data sheet

Nasal bridge RegulableYes
BrandRudy Project
GraduateYes, with Optical Clip.
ModelsCycling, running, paddle
Lens TypePolarized
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes

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The Sintryk model is the new model of the brand.

It contains polarized and mirrored lenses that help us combat horizontal reflections.

Ideal for road cycling and water sports.

We are before a spectacle with full frame that protects us against possible impacts in an efficient way.

Ultralight frame with openings in the rods and the upper part so that the air circulates and the fogging is reduced.

Colours :

1.-Color: Yellow Fluor
-Lente: Polar HR Multilaser Orange
2.-Color: Matt Black-Lente: Polar HR Multilaser Orange
3.-Color: Fire Red
-Lente: RPO. Polar HR Multilaser Red
4.-Color: Azur Gloss
-Lente: Polar HR Multilaser Green


  • Ventilación superior.
  • Puente nasal y varillas regulables.
  • Montura ultralight.
  • Montura completa.
  • 100% protección Uv.

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