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WINNER Polar-Photocromic


With POLAR-FOTOCROMIC Lens ™, which uniquely combines two of the most advanced technologies available in today's perspective: photochromic technology and technology bias.

  • Cat. 0-2
  • Aluminum rods
  • Terminals adjustable and non-slip rubber
  • Adjustable and nonskid Platelets


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Data sheet

BrandVer Sport
Nasal bridge RegulableYes
GraduateYes, with Optical Clip.
Lens TypePhotocromic and Polarized
SportsRunning, Cycling, Tennis, Padel, Water Sports, Urban Sports.
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes
SizeCalibre 66
Tipo de Lentes GraduadasBase 8 (Curvatura deportiva)

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 1.-Color: plata/rojo -Lente: Polar Fotocromic


POLAR-containing lenses FOTOCROMIC ™:

A polarized lens:

POLAR-FOTOCROMIC ™ lenses block and eliminate annoying light reflections

A Photocromatic Lens:

If you practice sports in low light conditions, for example on a cloudy day, the POLAR-FOTOCROMIC ™ lenses allow the entire visible light passing through the lens. However, they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

When the sun rises and increases the intensity of light, polar sensor lens will darken gradually and in the state of full activation, the lens becomes not too dark, just enough to absorb light more efficiently and get in ideal comfort.

With the disappearance of the light source, the sensors return to their original configuration and lens color becomes clearer. The photochromic technology-FOTOCROMIC lens POLAR ™ guarantees that this process will be repeated again and again throughout the service life of the lens.

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