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  • Adaptador RX Progresivo
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes, and water resistant

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Sport Sunglasses Versport Airline I

The price includes mount + 2 adapters graduated with the chosen treatment.

Price for graduations between +/- 4.00 diopters of sphere and -2.00 of cylinder.

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Data sheet

BrandVer Sport
Nasal bridge RegulableYes
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes

Detalles desplegar informacion


     Adjustable with patented adapter
     Non-slip rubber terminals
     Adjustable and non-slip plate

Its patented special adapter, easy to install in the frame, allows to mount graduated lenses of polycarbonate base 6 and add multiple possibilities of treatments: Anti-reflective, coloration, Transitions®, polarized, etc.
Why choose this model?

     Excellent optical quality
     Greater visual field
     Better peripheral vision
     Unbeatable aesthetics
     Tailored treatments

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