Salice 006 Polarized

ultralight frame made of TR90.

Lens screens which facilitate view.

Ideal for the practice of cycling in all its forms.

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Nasal bridge RegulableNo
Lens TypePolarized
SportsCycling in all its forms, Running
Termination of Adjustable RodsNo

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 1.-Blanco -Lente: Polar Verde Espejo
 2.-Amarillo -Lente: Polar Blue Espejo
 3.-Negro -Lente: Polar Verde Espejo
 4.-Blanco -Lente: Polar Rojo Espejo
 5.-Blanco -Lente: Polar Azul Espejo
 6.-Azul -Lente: Polar Rojo Espejo
 7.-Amarillo -Lente: Polar Azul Espejo
 8.-Naranja -Lente: Polar Rojo Espejo
 9.-Rosa -Lente: Polar Azul Espejo
 10.-Naranja -Lente: Polar Azul Espejo
 11.-Verde -Lente: Polar Verde Espejo
 12.-Negro -Lente: Polar Negro Espejo


Aerodynamic glass and light,.

Made of Grilamid TR90, it features a lightweight, flexible and durable framework.

nasal bridge and rods finished in non-slip rubber.

Mirror lens that prevents glare and increases contrast

Anti-grated lenses and hydrophobic.

Vented lenses and rods.

Orange spare lens.

Ideal for cycling in all its forms.

PolarFlex lenses: The human eye can not separate the horizontal and vertical beams of light that make up light.

Polarized lenses contain a special "polarizing filter" that absorbs horizontal light, responsible look and distortion of images and lets through only the vertical light.

The use of polarized lenses ensures optimal viewing, a correct perception of colors and contrast and greater comfort thanks to the absorption of reflexes that usually weary


  • interchangeable lenses
  • interchangeable nosepiece.
  • Ventilation rods and lenses
  • Slip rubber finished rods.

Tecnology :

  • Scratch resistant.
  • Mirrored lenses contain so the greater filtering.
  • Hydro helps repel water.
  • PolarFlex lenses: Polarized internal display, absorbs light re- flexed eliminating the sensation of glare.
  • Antifog: treatment that prevents fogging.
  • fotoplolarsalice
  • hidro
  • lentesintercambiables
  • antirallado
  • antifog


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