Glass Bolle 6TH Sense

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Data sheet

Nasal bridge RegulableYes
GraduateYes, directly.
Lens TypeCategory 3
SportsCycling, MTB, MTB and Motorcycles
Termination of Adjustable RodsNo

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Colours :

1.-Color: Shiny Black/Black -Lente: B-Clear TNS oleo AF
2.-Color: Shiny Red/gray -Lente: B-Clear TNS Fire oleo AF
3.-Color: Shiny White/Blue -Lente: B-Clear Pink Blue oleo AF
4.-Color: Shiny Yellow/Black -Lente: B-Clear TNS Gun oleo AF
5.-Color: Mate Red/Black -Lente: B-Clear TNS Gun oleo AF
6.-Color: Shiny Blue/Brown -Lente: Blue Violet oleo AF


Description :

A 50 km / h, all your senses are on alert. You face the elements. To make your sensory experience even more intense cyclist, Bollé has created 6TH SENSE. Thanks to the B-Max technology, ergonomics frame is studied to adapt perfectly to the rider's position in race situation. The extension of the zone of vision and protection to the upper face dramatically improves the performance of the corridor.


 Sports tracks demand the best of you and your equipment, which have a clear vision as crystal is essential for success either on a bicycle, on a track or on a road. B-Clear lenses, like glass, increase their ability to see objects near it, and those left behind. The lens material is Trivex® ultra light, providing you with a clear unique vision, which improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills that are required to have a performance at the highest level. Maximum impact resistance keeps rocks and debris where they belong: on the floor. The hydrophobic / oleophobic coatings of both sides retain their clear view of perspiration and facilitate cleaning. Used in the Vortex, Bolt, Tempest, Cervin, Rainier, Diablo, Ouray, Golf models.


hydrophobic / oleophobic treatment on the outside. Removes dirt and drops of water from the surface of the lens so that it does not disturb the vision.


The glasses will be free from fogging whatever the situation. This treatment not only prevents mist from forming on the lenses, but also can be reactivated simply in contact with water. Available on all models with polarized lenses base 8.


Adjustable silicone pads can be tailored to each persona.Estas hypoallergenic silicone pads are comfortable and durable.

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