Sport Glass Evil Eye Halfrim Pro


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Data sheet

Nasal bridge RegulableYes
GraduateYes, with clip and / or directly.
Lens TypeCategory 3
SportsRunning, Cycling, Paddle Tennis
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes
SizeXS(Small), S, L
Tipo de Lentes GraduadasBase 8 (Curvatura deportiva)

Detalles desplegar informacion

Colours :

1.-Color: Black/Green-Lente: LST active Silver + Lst Bright antif
2.-Color: Black/Grey-Lente: LST active Silver + Lst Bright antif
3.-Color: Black/Orange-Lente: LST active Silver + Lst Bright antif
4.-Color: Silver/Black -Lente: LST active Silver + Lst Bright antif
5.-Color: white/blue -Lente: Blue Mirror
7.-Color: Crystal/Black -Lente: LST active Silver + Lst Bright antif

Description :

It is the version of Evil Eye Pro Adidas Halfrim but with photochromic lenses.

It is a comprehensive multi-sport goggle, specially designed for cycling, water sports, fishing, .... because photochromic lenses with antifog treatment prevents fogging.

All parts that make up the glasses are carefully detailed.

It has a top band of a spongy material (easy to remove and put) that helps absorb some of the sweat does not fall on the eyes and on the face cushion any impact it may have the glasses.

Climacool contain ventilation system.

Characterisc :

- Adjustable nose bridge

- Adjustable rods

- Top ventilation

- Pad against sweat removable.

- Photochromic Lenses 0-3

- Antifog treatment (fogging).

- Second pair of orange lenses.

Graduation goggle :

1- Graduation with optical clip on the inside of the glasses.

2- direct Graduation: the current lens is replaced by the graduate.


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