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Glass Hercules C-52

The price includes full kit without prescription lenses

The Hercules M sports prescription glasses are a very good choice for sports where eye protection is really important.

For Faces Medium.


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Data sheet

BrandVer Sport
Nasal bridge RegulableNo
GraduateYes, directly.
SportsMulti-sport. For high mountain sports or high solar radiation it is imperative to choose cat.3 or cat.4 lenses. The ideal in all cases is that they are photochromic (they adapt to any solar light situation).
Termination of Adjustable RodsYes, rubber band

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1.-Color: Rojo/Gris
2.-Color: Matte Black / Distance Red
3.-Color: Shiny Black

Incluyed :

  • Mini-band adjustment (for fitting on the end of the rods).
  • Strap (for use instead of the rods).
  • side shields for use with band (a couple).
  • Product anti-fogging See Sport.
  • cleaning cloth.
  • Optical screwdriver (for replacing the rods or band).
  • semi-rigid case.
  • DUAL LOCK: Dual Lock Thanks to a patented ring closure system, the lens assembly is very simple, while ensuring maximum security due to its dual anchor.
  • Anti Shock & Air flow: The pads are specially designed to protect the face of possible impacts and maximize confot. Its revolutionary design allows optimum ventilation, minimizing misting on the lenses and improving visibility.
  • Security Bevel Edge: The safety bevel reinforces the maximum protection. If impart a strong, bezel, oversized on the inside prevents the lens can come off and make contact with the eye socket.
  • + Height = + Protection: Eye is designed with a wide height to improve protection and allow adaptation of progressive lenses.
  • Soft Comfort: The rods Bigoma Technology provides elasticity and adhesion, ensuring proper support and total comfort.
  • Flex Fit: Thanks to its special design and material, the rods enjoy total flexibility.

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